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Spurs may be interested in swap for Delph; everybody panic

Tottenham may be looking to make a move for Fabian Delph and for that reason I hate them.

Paul Thomas

It's official: I hate Tottenham. They are definitely one of the better teams in the Premier League, but they can't quite break into the upper echelon of greatness. So instead they want to be the bully on the schoolyard and take all the nice things of the people who are worse off than they are. Last summer they tried to steal Christian Benteke from Aston Villa. When that failed, they limped away and pouted.

But apparently they're back. Benteke had a bit of a down year, and he's injured anyhow. So it's time for Spurs to move on to Villa's current best player: Fabian Delph. If reports are to be believed, Spurs are eyeing a swap of Delph in exchange for cash and Lewis Holtby.

And the worst part of this is that it's a little bit tempting. On one hand, Villa have been linked to Holtby as a means of augmenting the already existing (with Delph) midfield. On the other hand, Delph is out of contract next year while Holtby is set through the 2017-18 season. Plus there is the cash. The swap would probably not count against Paul Lambert's summer war-chest, and the extra cash could mean Villa would be able to get a replacement for Delph.

But in reality, I don't see this move happening. Delph put in his best-ever year last season and he is one of the key players that Lambert has talked so loudly about keeping around. Combine that with the source of information and I'm less than convinced. Nevertheless, there's just enough there to make me wonder. And that's just enough to make me angry.

I hate you, Spurs.