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Hernández told to leave United, Villa move could make sense

Javier Hernandez has been told by his Mexico coach to find a way out of Manchester United. If he does as his coach says, Villa could be a good fit for the Mexican striker.

Clive Mason

Javier Hernandez had, by most standards, a down year at Manchester United this season. He had thirty-five appearances and scored nine goals, but made only six starts for the club. Nevertheless, he has been selected for Mexico's World Cup squad by boss Miguel Herrera. If he'd like that to continue, says Herrera, he should look for a move away from United. "In the case of Chicharito, I believe it'd be in his interest to leave so he is taken into consideration to play."

At 25 years old, Hernandez is just hitting his best years, and he is still a very dangerous striker. He has scored 59 goals in four seasons at Manchester United and 35 in just 57 internationals caps. Considering how anemic the Villa offense was this year, he would almost certainly be a regular starter for the club. His 61% shot accuracy comapres favorably to anyone on the current Villa roster, and he has the ability to help create as well, completing more than 80% of his passes. 

His wages, approximately £75,000 per week, could be a problem. And even though he is largely out of favor at United, he could still command a fairly high transfer fee. I don't think it's too likely that we see Chicharito wearing the claret and blue next year, but that's not because a move doesn't make sense. If the money can come around, he's a player worth looking into, and a move to Villa wouldn't be a terrible thing for him, either.