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Villa top half of the table in terms of value

If you've watched Aston Villa lately, the following may be difficult to believe.

Mark Thompson

If you're a season ticket holder at Villa Park, you may have been the proud owner of one of the 10-best deals in the Premier League last season. The Premier League "Value Table" has been released for this season that just concluded, and Aston Villa don't come out looking too badly. The figures take into account the price of the cheapest season ticket plan, a replica kit, a scarf, and a pint and pie at every match. Then these numbers are divided by the number of home goals and wins that those fans saw. 

Do a bit of quick math in your head, and the fact that Villa came out 10th in the price/win and 8th in price/goal should tell you that Villa are actually quite affordable. There's no other way to get the numbers Villa did when the denominators are so small. 

Based on a £325 season ticket and £179.40 for kit, scarf and vittles, Villa fans paid £84.07 per win this season, and a mere £22.93 per goal. Think back to this moment:


Did you get your value out of that? That has to be worth at least £85 or so to see in person right?

The problem is that while fans got treats like that, they were also subject to 10 Villa Park losses for the first time in club history. The numbers say that Villa were top half in terms of value, but I think this is one case where we can safely say that the numbers have lied.