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Hull will be fighting an historic anomaly against Villa tomorrow

When Hull City face Aston Villa tomorrow, they will be going up against one of the stranger anomalies in football.

Tony Marshall

When Hull City take the pitch against Villa tomorrow, they will be competing against not just the claret and blues, but one of the more baffling statistical figures I can remember. Margaret Thatcher was still the Prime Minister when the Tigers last scored a goal against Aston Villa in 1989. 25 years have passed since then, and Hull have yet to find a way to send the ball to the back of the net in the next seven meetings of the two clubs.

Now, if we know anything about Aston Villa this year, it's that they will undoubtedly let that streak end tomorrow. If you're the betting sort, put your life savings on Hull to score.

Nevertheless, that's a pretty impressive streak. Even more impressive is the fact that Hull have not beaten Aston Villa since 1987 in an old Division Two match. If Paul Lambert manages to see that streak end, it could be a huge blow to Villa's survival chances, and it would certainly be another in a long line of dubious records made by the club this year.

Let's hope history continues to be on our side for just a bit longer.