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Villa connected with Sevilla midfielder and Europa League hero

Aston Villa have been linked to Stéphane Mbia, who has made a name for himself in the Europa League semifinals.

David Ramos

Trailing 3-2 on aggregate headed into overtime, Sevilla could secure a trip to the Europa League final if they could just muster a goal in a match in which Valencia had outscored them 3-0. In the 95th minute, with the whistle just about to blow, Stéphane Mbia saved the Andalusians by leaping for a ball sent into the box and hammering it home with his head.

The 27-year-old midfielder has scored in both of the last two Europa League matches for Sevilla and has revived his career after being sent out on loan this season from Queens Park Rangers. Now he finds himself the target of rumours that Aston Villa would like to bring him in over the summer. The Cameroonian is capable of playing both defense and midfield, though he is more often used in the latter role as a defensive mid.

In his twenty-five appearances with Sevilla this year, Mbia has scored five goals and has successfully completed 84% of his nearly 37 attempted passes per match. If his successful performances in Spain are any indication, he could be a useful addition to Villa's squad next year. Perhaps sort of in the mold of Jean Makoun, who we could have right now if the universe weren't stupid.

What do you think? Does Mbia add anything to the team that you'd like to see? Should he be a target this summer?