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Lambert: Benteke and "core of good players" won't be leaving Villa

In an interview with SkySports, Paul Lambert gave Villa fans something they should be happy about.

Chris Brunskill

By all accounts, Randy Lerner seems to be doing his best to sell Aston Villa. Even a scant summer budget is justifiable from a financial perspective (though it does nothing to keep the fans happy). If the sale is slow in happening, though, the worry may arise that Lerner would asset-strip the club and get what he can out of it before selling at a cut-rate price. That doesn't sound like his style, but one never knows what can happen with money. Should the worst come to pass, fans will have at least one ally.

"As long as I'm here, I would never sell Christian Benteke," said Paul Lambert in an interview with SkySports. He went on to say that there are a few players like Benteke, "a core of good players," who are an absolute necessity to keep around. One can only presume that players such as Jores Okore, Fabian Delph, and Brad Guzan are included in that group. 

For as much as many fans don't like Lambert, I'm starting to think he's the only one at the club with any sense when it comes to public relations. He knows that his position is tenuous, and he also clearly acknowledges that the restraints under which he has worked for the last two years are not befitting of a club of Villa's stature (whatever that may be). His performance may leave a lot to be desired, but Lambert clearly has the best interests of the club (and its fans) in mind. Let's hope he can turn that passion into tangible results.