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Lambert: Villa aren't being sold any time soon

In his remarks to the official site, Paul Lambert let us know that there is nothing on the immediate horizon for selling Villa.

Michael Regan

The most important news of the day is that Paul Lambert is staying on at Aston Villa and he won't have much money with which to work this summer. But lost amidst all of the hullabaloo surrounding that was the fact that even after meeting with owner Randy Lerner, Paul Lambert doesn't think this club will be sold any time soon. The actual quote was "as far as I know there is nothing imminent in terms of new ownership."

Now Lambert could be being kept in the dark, but we've got absolutely no reason to believe that. Given the tenuous situation of the club, it seems likely that if a new owner were in the works, Lerner would have let Lambert know. It is starting to look increasingly as if no deal will be in place for the club over the summer, or at least not in time to affect preseason matters. 

If that's the case, it puts a world of pressure on Lambert to make the most of the £7 million or so he'll be given. Smart loan and free agent moves will be an absolute must. It won't take too much for Villa to distinguish themselves from the very bottom of the Premier League, but the margin for error is smaller than it has ever been. We really can't afford another Nicklas Helenius like last summer.