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Confirmed: Lambert to stay, what else to say?

well, at least Bella will be pleased.
well, at least Bella will be pleased.
Mark Thompson

Sometimes, no new news is good news. Yesterday, we learned it was almost certain that Paul Lambert would stay on at Aston Villa. Today, that's been confirmed. Not by the club yet, but they do love to take things slow.

There's not a lot of news to report, no talk about how much money he might be given, or what the game plan is for the summer. Once again, Villa fans are in a sort of limbo.

But for all the talk about wanting Lambert out, it's likely good that he's sticking around. While Randy Lerner searches for a new owner, there's still preseason training to be had, summer buys to be made, players to be sold off. Who knows how long it might be until the buyer is found and the transition begins?

So for now, stability is the keyword. The stability is Lambert-shaped, but hey, rather the devil you know. If he's been promised a bit more funds for the summer, Lambert may actually be able to bring in a few good players, ones that might help attract a new owner.

Ok, so that might be an overly positive outlook. But the point is, for now, Villa don't need any more upheavals. Let them approach the summer as though their fates may not be in the hands of some megabillionaire oil tycoon. Then, when that dude comes roaring up the canals on his forty-foot yacht, he can decide whether Paul stays or goes.