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Villa make midfielder their first signing of the summer

Andi Weimann now has an Austrian compatriot to cavort with!

Ross Kinnaird

Aston Villa have made their first signing of the summer and it is... well, it's pretty underwhelming to be entirely honest with you. At least it is right now. Anes Omerovic, a 15-year-old midfielder who was with Austrian side AKA Vorarlberg, is now a Villan after he signed a 3-year contract with the club. 

Despite his Bosnian roots, Omerovic has featured with the Austrian U-16 side and will join the Aston Villa academy when he arrives. In the best information I can find, it seems as if Omerovic played in 12 Jugendliga U16 matches this year and scored 5 goals. He can also apparently play some defense. But at this phase it's really tough to know much about the kid. 

The good sign is that whatever problems are happening at the senior level, the academy is still plugging along. I can't imagine signings like this cost the club too much money, but it's still good to see the youth system being taken care of.