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Could these fast-food magnates be Villa's next owners?

Aston Villa may soon be owned by the owners of Dunkin' Donuts and Dominos.

Hari Bhartia
Hari Bhartia
The India Today Group - GettyImages

UPDATE: The original link has been deleted and the domain now redirects to The Indian Express. The whole thing may have been a hoax, but make of it what you will. 


The Indian Express, for what it is worth, is reporting that Hari and Shyam Bhartia, owners of the fast-food chain Dunkin' Donuts, and Dominos Pizza may be the next owners of Aston Villa. The brothers, valued at a combined net worth of approximately £514 million according to Forbes, are supposedly set to buy the club for £178 million. According to the report, Paul Lambert will be kept on and given a summer transfer budget of £30 million. 

This all sounds fairly interesting, but I'm incredibly dubious right now. Why would you spend more than a third of your fortune on Aston Villa as they stand right now? On top of that, the brothers reportedly lost nearly £300 million on stock drops of their company lately. The report also says that they will bring in James Milner as a sign of goodwill to the fans, and while that would be neat it's a little too specific for me to put a lot of credence into this report. 

If they are indeed the new owners, we'll know soon enough, but for now, go ahead and add them to the shortlist of owner rumours that we've heard thus far.