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Villa announce preseason friendly vs. Mansfield Town

Before they head off to Texas, Aston Villa will travel to Mansfield Town to begin preparations for the new season.

Leandro Bacuna used to play for Groningen!
Leandro Bacuna used to play for Groningen!
Kiyoshi Ota

Aston Villa announced their sixth preseason friendly match today. On 17 July, they will travel to League Two side Mansfield Town. This match will take place just six days before the match against FC Dallas, the first of the two Texas Tour matches. The club now have six away friendlies and have not yet added any at Villa Park. The 2014-2015 preseason schedule is now as follows:

17 July: Mansfield Town (A)

23 July: FC Dallas (A)

26 July: Houston Dynamo (A)

30 July: Chesterfield (A)

2 August: Groningen (A)

5 August: Walsall (A)

Strangely, no home friendlies have been announced yet. It could be expected that they will add at least one match at Villa Park. There is still time to do so, as the Chesterfield and Walsall friendlies were both announced this week. Are there any teams you would like to see Villa play in the preseason?

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