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Players in the dark about club's future and that’s very bad

Ron Vlaar has said that he knows as little about what's happening at the club as we do.

Stu Forster

Professional athletes: they're just like us! Darren Bent goes on shopping trips during matches! Christian Benteke has to heal in the same boring way that all humans do! And Ron Vlaar has nary a clue about what's actually happening at Aston Villa right now. Just like us! 

Vlaar admitted that he has "no idea, to be honest," when it comes to the future of Paul Lambert and what can be expected at the club. And if you've got ideas of starting an in-the-know twitter account because you're friends with a player: nix them. “We have to do our things on the pitch. I don’t know more,” said Vlaar. 

So yeah, nobody except (possibly) Randy Lerner actually knows what is happening at Aston Villa right now. That's comforting, but only in the way that a bearskin blanket made of a living bear is comforting. Imagine, if the club's own payers don't know what's happening, how will that look to prospective incoming players (assuming there is actually money for that of course)?

A week ago, if you'd asked me if I wanted Randy Lerner to sell the club, I would have shouted "yes!" But that's because I thought he might have a buyer. The situation we find ourselves in now is actually worse than if Lerner stayed on. What a mess.