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Danish striker growing restless for Villa move

Nicklas Helenius is tired of being lost somewhere in England's green and pleasant land.

Shaun Botterill

Nicklas Helenius is lost somewhere, I'm convinced of it. That's the only reasonable explanation for why, in the midst of a growing striker-depth crisis, we never saw the tall Dane even make the bench for Aston Villa after January of this season. But while those feet walked upon England's mountain green, he somehow reached out to his agent to send this message: get me out of here!

And so we're hearing, yet again, that Helenius would like a move back to the club whence he came to Villa, AaB Aalborg. While it's often easy to criticize players who complain about playing time and want to leave, Helenius' case is entirely understandable. Certainly, it was justifiable to not use him as a first- or second-choice striker. Or perhaps a third. Maybe evne a fourth. But Aston Villa had gotten so far into injury trouble that a fifth- or sixth-choice striker should have been making the bench by the end of the season. 

Maybe there was good reason for it, but Helenius is obviously not going to be used wisely by Paul Lambert, so he should get to head out if Aalborg will take him back. At the very least it could be a loan move and he could work on improving while there. I'd like to see something like that, as I think Helenius has a lot of potential. He could very well be a useful piece of Aston Villa going forward, but for now we ought to let him leave. 

That is if we can ever figure out where he is.