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Lerner to make money available for transfers

It appears Aston Villa will have money to spend, even as they wait for a buyer.

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Jamie McDonald

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Aston Villa may have funds to spend on transfers and new contracts even before the club can find a buyer. The Telegraph reports that Randy Lerner will give Paul Lambert money to spend as the search to sell the club continues.

The Telegraph also reports that there currently is no buyer lined up and even if one comes forward it would still take six to eight weeks for the sale to go through.

On one hand, the earlier reports that no money would be spent before Lerner could sell made sense for him. But it did not make sense for the club. This is a team that needs upgrades and depth and the club couldn't afford to wait around for a couple weeks in the middle of the transfer window. Villa's squad as currently made up would have to be one of the favorites for relegation. Leaving the team as is probably wouldn't have made the team and more attractive to a buyer. And as The Telegraph also notes, this allows Villa to negotiate new contracts with the likes of Fabian Delph and Gabby Agbonlahor

Even with this news, the sooner the club can find a buyer, the better.