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2014 World Cup: Brad Guzan named to USMNT Squad

In an announcement that will shock no one, Villa's keeper has been named to the US squad going to Brazil this summer.


The United States have announced their provisional 30-man squad for this summer's World Cup, and unsurprisingly Brad Guzan is on the list:

Guzan has been the number two keeper for the United States since around 2006, and this will be his second World Cup. Unfortunately he is behind Everton's Tim Howard, who has an absolute death grip on the position. Even though there are some US fans who would like to see Howard replaced by Guzan, such a move would seem unwise at this point given that it was Howard who led the US through one of their most successful qualifying campaigns in history. 

Still, it's nice to see one of Aston Villa's most valuable players getting the recognition with his national team that he deserves. Should anything happen to Howard, it will be Guzan facing down Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal as well as Germany and Ghana in this year's group of death. 

Congrats, Brad!