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Villa make surprising PR decision: A good one

Aston Villa, after months of bungling around, have actually made a good PR decision!

Clive Rose

Given how bad the season was, I've had a sort of morbid fascination with how Aston Villa would handle their end-of-year celebratory dinner. Would it be a big blow-out or a staid affair? How would the club publicize it? Would the "player of the year" awards and the like be given to random fans in an effort to placate the angry masses?

Well, it was scheduled to happen tomorrow night, but in one of the first wise PR decisions we've seen from the club in quite some time, it has been called off:

And really, that's the best decision possible. Certainly there are players who deserve awards and recognition, but given how dismal this year was it makes no sense to have a celebratory evening that essentially rubs it in the face of fans. They've now avoided countless "How can they have fun after that season?" tweets that would have been a bit unfair, but inevitable nevertheless.

The only downside to this is the sad fact that Paul Lambert now won't be able to wear his new bow tie to the dinner. And all that after he paid £3 for it!

Poor guy.