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Job in B6: Vacancy at helm of major club, apply today!

Work for a growing concern!

They've yet to update the website, apparently.
They've yet to update the website, apparently.
Aston Villa

Owner and Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club

Full time position, at least a couple of hours per week, to include Monday-Sunday (if you choose), between 8am and 8pm (English time, which is at least 5 hours ahead of you American applicants).

Hours vary, but you'll own the club so do whatever you want.

Working with the footbal team and undertaking all aspects of being fabulously wealthy.

The Position

  • Handling incoming/outgoing managers (on average, one per season)
  • Providing excellent levels of funding
  • Working within a private jet (you do have one of those, right? If not, feel free to stop reading.)
  • Complying with Villa processes/procedures at all times (this means making the absolute worst PR decisions whenever it is possible)

The Ideal Candidate

  • Rich
  • Really rich
  • Fabulously, stinking filthy rich
  • Not an entirely reprehensible human being
  • Good understanding of cash handling (i.e.: Can you hand cash over to us? See: first three requirements.)
  • Ideally you have experience in running a football club, or a sports team, or at least know people who do
  • Committed to delivering excellent amounts of money
  • Possess excellent administration skills
  • Ability to simultaneously tune out and listen to a rabid fan base
  • Did we mention money yet?

To apply for this role, please send your CV, covering letter, and a cheque for (at least) £200 million to with the subject line "Have some money."

Closing Date: As soon as possible


Note: This is a parody of this listing.