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The Aston Villa Takeover Timer: How long will it take?

A running count of how long it's been since Randy Lerner put the club up for sale.

Mark Thompson

When the season ended we created a clock to count how long it had been since the final whistle. The goal was to see how long it took Randy Lerner to release his hotly-anticipated statement about the future of the club. It was awfully popular, and I think most of us assumed we'd get a few days out of it.

Instead, we got 17 hours 10 minutes.

But now, with Lerner's statement saying that the club is for sale, we've got the chance for another clock. How long will it take to make the sale final? Well, let's take a look at how it's already been:

My favorite part of the old clock was entirely unanticipated when I posted it: the guessing game that sprang up in the comments. So let's make a game of it again. How long will it take for the club to be sold? Put your guesses below!