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Randy Lerner's statement will come soon, until then we wait

The season is over, and now the entire Villa world is waiting for Randy Lerner's statement.

Clive Rose

Aston Villa today ended the season on the most dire note possible: a 3-0 trouncing at the hands of Tottenham that wasn't ever competitive. But as frustrating as the loss was, most fans will be happy to move on to more important business: Randy Lerner's statement about the future of the club. 

Unfortunately, we've got no sign that the statement will be coming any time soon. It's almost assuredly not happening today, and the word on twitter–for what it's worth–is that it won't be tomorrow either. And I want to be angry about that. There is literally no reason why we shouldn't hear from Randy right this second. Or yesterday for that matter. Today's loss cannot have changed anything, and rather than giving fans something (anything) at the end of a dark season, we're left to keep dangling and waiting. 

I want to be angry, to be furious. But I'm not. I promised myself today that I wouldn't care what happened on the pitch, and while I largely don't, it certainly did ratchet my apathy up a notch. We'll get the statement soon enough. We have to. The thing that actually makes me angry about all of this is the fact that we are currently a club in stasis. Paul Lambert could be staying or going. The same is true of Lerner. Until we know what's happening, very little can happen to the club. 

Rather than starting to line up deals to put the miserable season behind us, we wait. Rather than re-signing Marc Albrighton rather than letting him be wooed by Everton or Leicester City, or someone else, we wait. Rather than hearing anything about our club that could give us even the tiniest ray of hope, we wait. 

And that's infuriating. This is a club who likely cannot stand another season like the three we've just been through. Keep this up and eventually we'll drop. Give us something. Anything. Give us a reason to keep caring about you other than sheer inertia, Aston Villa. 

But no. We will get none of that. Randy Lerner's statement will come soon, but until then we wait.