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Instant reaction to Villa's absolutely dire loss to Tottenham

Aston Villa played their last match of the season today. Good riddance.

Clive Rose

If you watched today's match against Tottenham Hotspur, you're fully aware that the fixture list lied and that Aston Villa's last match of the season was on Wednesday against Manchester City. Villa were kind enough, however, to show up and stand around on the pitch at White Hart Lane for a bit today so that Tottenham could put on a final-day exhibition for their fans. 

It was pretty evident from the start that Villa had not turned up to play today. Three goals in the first half later we were certain of it: this pathetic mess of a season would get nothing more than a pathetic mess on an ending. It all began in the 14th minute with a Paulinho goal for the home side. All they needed was a win or a Manchester United non-win to clinch a Europa League spot, and this first goal is what sealed it for them:


And from there it all went downhill. Paulinho had a great opportunity minutes later that he sent just wide. But Spurs wouldn't have to wait too long, as Villa looked like doing absolutely nothing. Instead Tottenham came back up the pitch in the 35th, swung a shot in, had it rejected, then swung another in and had it placed nicely into the net off the head of Nathan Baker:


And then three minutes later Tottenham sealed the deal by having a shot go off of Gabby Agbonlahor's elbow for a penalty. In case you want to get angry, don't. It was a good call. And of course it was converted:


With a 3-goal deficit and the season over, it would have been the perfect time to try some young players. So Paul Lambert subbed off Jordan Bowery (who was, admittedly having a bad day) for Karim El Ahmadi. Dear god. The second half saw Tottenham dominate even more. And it's not really even worth writing about. This match was everything terrible about this team. 

Thank heavens that's all over. Now we can all wait for Randy Lerner's statement and hopefully a summer of change at the club. To send us out of the season, Brad Guzan did an interpretive dance for us. Brad, what did you think of Villa this year?