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Lambert: Randy Lerner’s statement will “happen pretty soon"

Paul Lambert doesn't know any more about the club than we do.

Ross Kinnaird

In comments to the press yesterday Paul Lambert said that we should expect Randy Lerner's statement to "happen pretty soon." But don't get your hopes up for hearing word from on high on Sunday, as Lambert added "it won’t happen before the game and it won’t happen directly after the game.”

Well, I guess it was always a little crazy to think that Lerner, who isn't known for doing much to please the fans, would get this over with as quickly as was possible. Remember, he won't even be in the country for the final day of the season, and it takes quite a while for those pigeons to fly across the Atlantic. 

Sarcasm aside, I'm not sure why we shouldn't be able to expect the statement on Sunday. Lerner has known that the club has been safe since last Sunday and has had plenty of time to figure things out. Nothing that happened this week could have really changed all that much. Was Lambert's fate hinging on his performances against Manchester City and Tottenham? If so, that's stupid. Those matches told/will tell us nothing that we didn't already know. Is he waiting on finishing position? Who cares?

The only possible reason I can see for waiting is that Lerner may want to only release a statement once he has finalized a sale of the club. If we get anything other than that, it's just another example of the atrocious way of interacting with fans that has become the hallmark of the club. 

Randy, prove Paul wrong. Just let us know our fate on Sunday.