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Newly promoted side looking to poach Villa winger

Leicester City would like a shiny new winger, and they could have him if Villa don't move to finish contract talks soon.

Sascha Steinbach

Marc Albrighton was one of Aston Villa's best players in the last few months of the season. Now, that's not saying a lot, but he's a home-grown product who has previously expressed a desire to stay with the club, and it would make sense to keep him around. But his contract is up this summer and the club have dragged their feet, which means that other interested parties are circling. 

The first we heard about was Everton, but it's time to add another to the list: Leicester City. The Foxes, who handily secured promotion to the Premier League by netting 102 points in 46 Championship matches, are already looking at players to bolster their squad for their first top-flight season since 2004. Albrighton would be a relatively cheap and effective option for them, as he has proven to be an extremely capable right-wing player who has a knack for solid crossing. 

Given that he will come relatively cheaply, I still think it would be in Villa's best interests to renew Albrighton. He's beloved by the fans, and it's clear that the feeling is mutual. Even worse, it has become readily apparent that if there will be any ire after his departure it will be directed almost entirely at management. Given all the problems they've had lately, this club can ill afford more bad publicity. Just sign him, already.