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Despite Benteke injury, Villa may have striker solution for next season

Good news everybody!

Michael Regan

If you were ready to panic about Aston Villa's striker situation next year, I have excellent news for you. We can call off the worry, because Grant Holt, he of one goal in ten appearances, has said that he would be interested in staying at Aston Villa beyond the end of his loan spell in a few weeks. Crunch those numbers out over a full season and you've got a player capable of scoring upwards of three goals. Heck, let's be generous and round it to four.

Holt, you may remember, is actually contracted to Wigan through the 2015-16 season. The Latics actually just secured a place in the promotion playoffs last weekend, so they may be playing top-flight football next season. Nevertheless, it's hard to see them wanting Holt back, given how little time he got with them before the move to Villa this year. So if the club were to take Holt up on his offer he would probably come relatively cheaply.

And hey, to be fair, the aforementioned four goals would have made him one of the club's most prolific scorers this year, tying him with Gabby Agbonlahor and Libor Kozak. I also feel a bit badly making fun of Holt. He's been a model citizen since arriving at the club, and he seems like a really nice guy. But if he's the best option that Aston Villa have available then we should all begin 1) worrying about another relegation fight or 2) wondering how to follow this team in the Championship.

If Grant Holt is the answer, I'd rather never hear the question.