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Christian Benteke reportedly tears Achilles tendon

Aston Villa are going to be without their striker for the rest of the season, according to a report.

Shaun Botterill

Christian Benteke has reportedly torn his Achilles tendon. If true, the striker will miss the remainder of the season and likely part of next season.

Achilles tears almost always require surgery and 4-10 months of rehab. If Benteke falls somewhere in that normal range, his return would be anywhere from August to February.

Benteke's injury will also keep him out of the World Cup and, presumably, keep him from any serious transfer interest this summer. It's tough to imagine anyone shelling out enough cash to nab Benteke when he's not fit enough to train, let alone play.

Although losing Benteke is obvious a blow to Aston Villa, with eight points separating them from relegation and the bottom of the league struggling, it should not be enough to affect too much this season. The real impact would be felt next season, if he misses a significant portion of it.