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Sugar we're going down swinging: Robert talks relegation on Across the Pond

Across the Pond were kind enough to have me on to talk about the bottom of the table, Brad Guzan, and Villa's managerial and owner situation.

ATP Radio

As much as they've been infuriating to fans, lately, Aston Villa have been fascinating to outsiders. A once-proud club in their third-straight relegation fight, rumours of new exceptionally rich owners, and some quite talented players on a lackluster squad have meant that the club are at least worth noticing for a neutral fan. It was in that spirit that the good folks at Across the Pond got ahold of me and asked me to come on their podcast last night.

Three of the four hosts are Liverpool fans, but don't hold it against them. Each week they do a show looking at the Premier League from an American perspective, and it's always a fun listen, so I was happy to join the crew. They begin by talking about the league and then Liverpool's loss to Chelsea. Eventually I jump in and we talk about the battle for relegation, Brad Guzan (they're USMNT fans, so Guzan had to be a topic), and all of the swirling controversy at the club lately.

I had a blast on the show, and I absolutely think it's worth a listen. If you're looking for a weekly does of smart football talk, make sure to subscribe.