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All 108 outcomes left for the bottom six teams: Who will stay up?

We've got a visual guide to the last matches of the Premier League season for the bottom six teams. Who do you think ends up going down?

There are 108 possible outcomes left for the bottom six teams in the Premier League, down from 324 before this weekend's action. By this point next weekend we'll have cut the number to 36 as the relegation possibilities become increasingly clear.

To help you wrap your head around all of the scenarios, we've made a chart detailing every potential outcome. It's worth noting that in one case (West Bromwich Albion's trip to Sunderland) the results are dependent upon each other. Here's your handy visual guide to the end of the season:


Clicking will enlarge this to make it a bit easier to read.

The red and green bars correspond to my projected line of where safety will be this year. After today's results, I still think that 35 points will do it, but I will have an updated look at all of the probabilities a bit later. For now, how would you like to see everything play out? Let us know in the comments!