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Villa set to sign new contract with winger

Paul Lambert has confirmed that the club are in talks to renew the contract of one of their more successful players.

Sascha Steinbach

Earlier this week we heard that Marc Albrighton had yet to be approached by Aston Villa to renew his contract despite the fact that his current one was up this summer. Today, however, Paul Lambert has confirmed that the club are actually in talks with the winger's agent about getting a new contract. It certainly makes sense, given the fact that the 24-year-old Villa academy product has been one of the team's best players since the calendar year began.

Lambert acknowledged the excellent run of form in speaking about the new contract:

"He's been absolutely fantastic, on the top of his game. He was excellent on Saturday up against left-back Luke Shaw, a player who you can understand is being talked about highly."

Of course we have no details yet about what the contract will entail, but an educated guess would suggest that three years are likely, keeping him around through his age 27 season. It's good news to see that the club is working to keep some of the things that work around for a bit longer.