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Compelling numbers show that relegation hurts more than just pride

Sporting Intel have figured out the actual costs of relegation beyond the mental trauma suffered by fans.

Everybody know that relegation is a thing to be avoided at all costs for a club. Why else would we spend hours fretting about the possible relegation scenarios in the Premier League? But the folks at Sporting Intelligence have crunched the numbers to see precisely how much relegation actually costs a club. Have a look:

You can (and should) click on the picture to see the spreadsheet a bit larger, but the long and short of it is that almost all clubs see a significant drop in revenue from attendance. In addition to that, the average time to come back up has been 3.67 years, but that doesn't count the fourteen teams in the sample who haven't returned to the Premier League yet.

Yet more reason for us to hope that the Aston Villa can get a win before the season is over to absolutely assure safety! And yet another reason for fans of Sunderland, Norwich City, Fulham, and Cardiff City to be worried.