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Palace may be eager to bring in Villa striker over summer

Crystal Palace look set to renew their interest in a Villa striker over the summer.

Michael Regan

Crystal Palace are apparently not content simply stealing Aston Villa's planned lineups any more. Now they're going for players who would never be in those lineups, if new rumours are to be believed. Apparently Tony Pulis' club is set to renew their interest in Darren Bent over the summer despite the striker's woeful campaign at Fulham this year.

This could certainly be the case of standard football rumours: it had some truth once, so let's repeat it over and over until we literally cannot be believed any longer. (See: Joleon Lescott to Aston Villa) But it also makes a fair amount of sense. Palace have been desperate to score more goals this year. Even though they've been on a fantastic run of form lately, it's a bit tenuous considering that many of their wins could have turned into lost points simply by allowing one goal. A little more firepower up front could provide the squad with a bit of cushion and actually turn them into a very solid team. (The question, of course, is whether or not Bent has that bit of firepower left. Six league goals in two seasons suggest that he doesn't, but please don't tell Palace that.)

And given the situation, it would make sense for Villa to sell Bent and his wages for whatever price they could get. Even in the absence of Christian Benteke, Paul Lambert has made clear that Bent has no place in the Villa squad. If he won't be used, the club might as well get something for him. The linked article above suggests £4 million as a price Villa would take, but if they get offered even £2 million, they should take it and run.