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Sylla sees problem exists, still not aware that it’s him

Yacouba Sylla is unhappy that he spends so much time on the bench. Perhaps he wouldn't if he were any good.

Pete Norton

Yacouba Sylla has been, without question, one of Aston Villa's worst players to actually see playing time this season. His entrances to the matches against Stoke and Newcastle significantly degraded Villa's already limited abilities and led to numerous mistakes. The fact that Paul Lambert keeps choosing him as a possible substitute every weekend is as big of an indictment against the manager as I can think of.

And yet, despite his horrendous efforts, Sylla is perplexed and frustrated at his lack of playing time. In an interview with France Football, relayed by the Birmingham Mail, Sylla said:

"I am always on the bench and never on the pitch. I cannot be happy because I am not expressing myself on the pitch every weekend."

The problem with this sentiment is that every time Sylla has expressed himself on the pitch, it's been akin to a cheap knockoff of a Jackson Pollock painting: an absolute mess with no art behind it.

Luckily, Sylla is looking for a way out of Aston Villa this summer. His agent is apparently trying to set up a one-year loan for him to a French club, and for once, I'm happy to see a player clamoring to get out of Birmingham.