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Poll: Do you want a new owner at Villa?

News of a potential buyer for Aston Villa has been swirling around B6 this week. Randy Lerner might be willing to sell, but is a new owner what this club really needs?

The best possible owner for Villa?
The best possible owner for Villa?
Jamie McDonald

A lot of takeover talk around Aston Villa is starting to gain some movement. Robert's article from earlier today went into more of the specifics of it, with regards to how much the reported figure was, as well as what you could do with that much money. It seems like there are a lot of fans voicing their opinion of how they would like a new owner. Do you think a new owner could be better than Randy Lerner, or would you rather stick with him (and most likely Lambert). What if an owner came in like Vincent Tan? We talked about that on this week's Holtecast as well.

Vote in the poll, and leave a comment as well on why you would do so!

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