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Summer transfer budget may be £250 million, or three Bales!

Well this is one of the more interesting pieces of speculation to emerge out of the Aston Villa takeover rumours.

One Bale, twenty-three Bentekes.
One Bale, twenty-three Bentekes.
Denis Doyle

Nearly every major media outlet is reporting that Aston Villa, if they can avoid relegation, are headed for a nine-figure takeover this summer. In the space of twenty-four hours we have gone from a speculative rumour that can be easily ignored to one that simply won't go away. Today, Metro has added a tidbit to the mass of stories that should make Villa fans salivate: if a takeover occurs, there might be a £250 million transfer budget this summer.

Let's put that into perspective. Christian Benteke came to Villa on a fee believed to be about £7 million. Gareth Bale, who holds the world-record transfer fee, cost somewhere in the region of £85 million. If Aston Villa had £250 million to spend, they could get themselves one Gareth Bale and still have the money for twenty-three Christian Bentekes. And at that point, they'd still have a cool £3.5 million left to turn into £1 notes and swim around in.

If the Metro report is to be believed, the ownership would handle Aston Villa in much the same way that John Henry and the Fenway Sports Group have run Liverpool. Money would be poured into the club, but all moves would be overseen by a transfer committee. There have been times for Liverpool during which such a setup have been frustrating, but given the club's robust financial and football health since their takeover, it's hard to argue that the plan hasn't worked for Liverpool.

As with anything else you're reading about this story, be cautious in getting too optimistic. We've got no indication that any of this is true, and Aston Villa are outright denying it still. Nevertheless, the preponderance of reporting is suggesting that maybe there is something here. It might be time to start getting your hopes up a little, Villa fans. It's hard not to when you can imagine a squad of Bales and Bentekes roaming the pitch at Villa Park.