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Mourinho's spat with FA over Aston Villa match is finally over

The Aston Villa-Chelsea match was memorable for more than just the final score, but it seems as if the book is finally closed on it.

Michael Regan

The FA have finally closed the book on everything associated with Jose Mourinho entering the pitch when his Chelsea played Aston Villa last month. You may remember that Ramires was awarded a red card for stomping on Karim El Ahmadi, and this incited the rage of Mourinho. He was then ejected and everyone knew that a fine was forthcoming. The only question was whether or not Mourinho would be able to take other people down with him, as he seemed to indicate he would try in his post-match comments.

Well, he didn't, and the fine ended up not being too bad for him anyhow. Here's the FA statement in full:

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been fined £8,000 and warned as to his future conduct following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.

Mourinho denied a breach of FA Rule E3 in that his behaviour in re-entering the field of play and approaching the Match Referee in an attempt to speak to him, in or around the 90th minute of the game against Aston Villa on 15 March 2014, amounted to improper conduct.

However, the charge was found proven at a personal hearing on Wednesday 9 April.

I can only imagine that, when he heard the news, Mourinho reacted like this:


Meanwhile, in the dripping-with-sarcasm words of our Chelsea blog We Ain't Got No History, "I'm 100 percent positive that this will have a major effect on Mourinho's future conduct."