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Villa should make a family transfer for Benteke replacement

If Aston Villa want a replacement for Christian Benteke, it seems they could do worse than to give his brother a try.

Think back to the summer of 2012 and you may remember the excitement that we all felt when we heard that Aston Villa had been linked to a largely-unknown Belgian striker named Benteke. It was the beginning of Paul Lambert's Villa tenure, and there was a feeling of anticipation in the air of what would come.

Almost two years later, Christian Benteke is out for at least six months with a ruptured achilles, and Aston Villa will likely need to find a replacement for him in the summer transfer window. The anticipation and excitement that surrounded the club that summer has largely evaporated, and many fans are calling for Paul Lambert's head.

Well, the manager could do worse for himself than to bring back that 2012 nostalgia and link the club with Benteke again. This time, though, he might want to consider the striker's younger brother, Jonathan. Benteke the younger currently plays for C.S. Visé, a team in the second division of Belgian football (though likely not for long, as they are currently dead last in the league). This past weekend, though, they had a bright spot when Jonathan scored a goal that would have been impressive at any level:

It's only the second goal this season for Benteke, but if his brother is any indication there has to be some skill in the family. And heck, two goals would be enough to be one of the more effective strikers at Aston Villa! Paul Lambert could certainly do worse than poking his head into a soon-to-be-relegated side and offering to take a player off of them.

And for those of you who enjoy that goal as much as I do, here it is in a never-ending loop:


What say you? Should Villa try to bring in a Benteke to replace a Benteke?