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Manchester United vs. Aston Villa: Lineups and open match thread

Aston Villa are playing Manchester United and it doesn't feel terrifying. Moyes in!

Alex Livesey

Aston Villa make their annual trip to Old Trafford, and though it's difficult to say it's something to be excited about-United are still the much better team-the Red Devils are not the club they've been for most of the last 2+ decades. (You know, in case you hadn't heard. The struggles of David Moyes have gotten surprisingly little media coverage. Perhaps someone will concoct a not-at-all-embarrassing-or-entitled scheme to bring that to everyone's attention.) David Moyes probably isn't going anywhere until next season at the earliest, but since teams seem to have a thing for sacking managers after losing to Villa, maybe it's worth putting down a fiver on the off chance they manage to pull off the upset.

Normally we'd have lineups embedded in this post, but this game is at a ridiculous hour here in the US and if there were even a justification for paying nearly $200 a year for a DVR, not having to wake up earlier on a Saturday than one does during the week would certainly seem to fit the bill.

(Note: we have lineups because we're lucky enough to have a crazy person living in Europe)

(and look what former Villan is on hand to show off some diving skills)

Manchester United: De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Vidic, Buttner; Young, Fellaini, Fletcher, Kagawa; Mata, Rooney

Subs: Amos, Giggs, Chicharito, Carrick, Nani, Welbeck, Januzaj

Aston Villa: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Clark, Bertrand, Westwood, Delph, Albrighton, Weimann, Benteke, Agbonlahor

Subs: Steer, Sylla, Holt, Tonev, Bennett, Robinson, Lowton