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Aston Villa vs. Stoke City, open match thread

There's no other sports for like six hours, so you might as well watch this.

Okay, let's all be honest with one another; Aston Villa-Stoke City is not an especially enticing match-up, and no amount of homerism is going to change that. But, hey, it's a battle for least-shitty team in the bottom half of the table, so that's something, right!

It's not a thing. But, you're here, we're here, let's watch Aston Villa versus Stoke City. Because we are moral free agents, and we can decide what we like and don't like, and also because there are no other games of football being played right now. And hey, if you're American like me (Go Tigers) the basketball doesn't get going for another six hours or so. You have no other excuse. You are void of ideas in the realm of entertainment, which is why you are watching a game of football between two very mediocre clubs. Why you're here makes sense; Sky's reasoning is slightly more suspect.



Aston Villa: Guzan, Bacuna, Bertrand, Westwood, Vlaar, Baker, El Ahmadi, Delph, Benteke, Weimann, Agbonlahor

Subs: Steer, Sylla, Holt, Clark, Albrighton, Bennett, Robinson

Stoke City: Begovic; Pieters, Shawcross, Wilson, Cameron; Arnautovic, Palacios, Whelan, Nzonzi, Odemwingie; Crouch

Subs: Sorensen; Muniesa, Guidetti, Shea, Wilkinson, Shotton, Ward