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Aston Villa Holtecast: Reveling in a huge win over Chelsea

We're back with another live edition of the Holtecast! Come join us as we enjoy the huge win over Chelsea and the chaos it's caused the Blues.

Do you know what was fun? Aston Villa beating Chelsea! Do you know what we can't stop talking about? Aston Villa beating Chelsea! And we know that many of you are feeling the same way, so come join us at 6 PM England time (2 PM Eastern) as Jack and I talk about Aston Villa beating Chelsea.

We'll talk about the goal, Lambert's very solid substitutions (my fingers weren't sure how to type that phrase), and of course Jose Mourinho and his mind games/whining. And for this week, if you can leave a comment with your best nickname for Jose Mourinho, we'll read them on-air (assuming they aren't too vulgar).

After that, we'll delve into Kirsten's article about Leandro Bacuna a bit. Just how does Leandro Bacuna fit onto this team, and how sorry is Robert for talking badly about him?

Finally, we'll dive into the Stoke match and try to figure out if Villa can keep their streak alive. Can you imagine the possibility of winning three straight matches at Villa Park?

We will have the Google Hangout embedded below just before the podcast begins. There it is! Afterwards, you can watch it here or you can listen to the audio through your choice of podcasting app. Just search "Holtecast" or "7500 to Holte" and you'll find us. If you subscribe, you'll get every episode within minutes of its release. And really, what could be better than that?

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