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FA charges Mourinho, no one from Aston Villa

For all of his squawking, the Chosen One didn't manage to get anyone else charged after he came onto the pitch at Villa Park.

Clive Rose

You will, of course, remember that Mourinho was thrown out of the match in the 93rd minute by referee Chris Foy for coming on to the pitch. After the match, the Chosen One leveled some accusatory comments towards Gabby Agbonlahor and Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert saying that if he was charged, they ought to be as well. Agbonlahor, according to Mourinho, was aggressive towards Ramires, and Lambert also left the technical area.

It seems as if the FA didn't buy that reasoning. They released their charges today and only Mourinho has been named. Mourinho has until 6 PM on Monday to respond to the charges of improper conduct and it seems inevitable that he will appeal. By coming onto the pitch, Mourinho was clearly acting against the rules of the game and thus will likely be unsuccessful in any appeal attempt.

For Aston Villa fans, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the FA didn't listen to Mourinho as he tried to drag a Villa player and manager into the muck that he created.

As for Mourinho, I can only imagine that his reaction looked something like this: