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Watch Fabian Delph's goal that sank Chelsea in high quality

We've got Fabian Delph's goal for you in glorious high quality.

Chris Brunskill

Remember 24 hours ago when any reasonable football fan would have predicted a Chelsea win over Aston Villa today? Well, so much for common knowledge, thanks to this absolutely gorgeous goal from Fabian Delph:


To figure out how Villa got there, you've got to go back fourteen minutes to Willian getting his second yellow card of the match. After picking one up in the 25th minute, Willian needed to be careful, and he was for the most part. The foul he committed in the 68th was probably never a yellow, but the ref had been getting a bit more quick on his whistle and Willian shouldn't have let the match come to that point. Regardless of the reason, Willian was out and it's hard to feel too badly for Chelsea. After all, in the fall version of this match at Stamford, Chelsea won on a goal by a player who should have been out of the match already.

Anyhow, Aston Villa began attacking with a bit more verve, and around the 80th minute began applying tons of pressure to Chelsea. The build-up to this goal was actually another attempt that had gone awry. Chelsea brought the ball up the pitch and lost it around midway. And then this happened:


Delph to Marc Albrighton (put in the match only seven minutes earlier) back to Delph. What a wonderful combination. Here it is, one last time:


Ah yes. That's the good stuff. Up the Villa!