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VOTE: Was it a handball? Matic has goal disallowed in 1st half

Let us know what you think!

Michael Regan

In the 41st minute, Nemanja Matic seemed to have scored to put Chelsea up 0-1 on Aston Villa. The Villa defense broke down, Matic corralled the ball, and pushed it in. But the ref blew his whistle, came and pointed to the spot where the ball was kicked from, and disallowed the goal as a handball.

From the replay, it's fairly obvious that Matic controlled the ball with his arm, but was it enough to award the handball call and disallow the goal? Take a look:


I think it was the right call, but I'm obviously a bit biased in the matter. Let us know what you think in the poll below, and feel free to explain your logic in the comments!

Stick around, too, as we'll have a recap of the match up within minutes of the final whistle. At halftime, it's still 0-0 as Villa look to steal a point from the league leaders.