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Aston Villa find newest way to make French surrender

Aston Villa have agreed to a "lucrative deal" with Air France.

Doug Pensinger

Aston Villa have agreed to another video deal with an airline, this time sending AVTV's "Inside Aston Villa" to passengers on Air France. The package will be a half-hour show that includes an interview with Tom Hanks, a bit on Stiliyan Petrov, and highlights of such recent Aston Villa triumphs as the 1957 FA Cup final. The official site describes the deal as "lucrative" though absolutely no details are given.

To be honest, the whole thing is a bit strange to me. Aston Villa video can't be too in demand -- though as the article points out, it will be on planes in time for World Cup travel, and Air France are the largest European airline that flies to Brazil -- so why would Air France pay a lot of money? Really, you'd think that Villa would pay for the opportunity to spread their brand a little bit more.

But no, this is a "lucrative deal." So if I'm forced to take a guess, Villa will probably be seeing €1 million or so headed their way. Asking for much more would be akin to Alan Hutton getting £30,000 per week for doing nothing.

Wait, what's that? He does? Oh. Well then.