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VOTE: Is the Paul Lambert contract extension a good idea?

Let us know what you think about the rumoured Paul Lambert contract extension.

Paul Thomas

Rumours have emerged this week that Aston Villa will give Paul Lambert a three-year contract extension that will include a pay raise. This comes despite that fact that Aston Villa are still very much a part of the relegation dogfight. In addition to that worry, the club's results -- especially at home -- this year have been fairly lackluster. Nevertheless, I outlined here why I think the move is a smart one from the management of the club.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of fans who dislike the move. Some, as seen in the comments of the post I just linked, think that it should wait until summer. Others would like to see Lambert gone altogether. I'm curious to see what our readership thinks in general, so let us know in the poll below what you think of the idea. If you'd like to elaborate, please do so in the comments! We'll be talking about the issue on this week's episode of the Holtecast, so be sure to get your voice heard!