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Lambert set for contract talks with player he's only just remembered

Paul Lambert seemingly forgot that Marc Albrighton existed in January. A stellar performance against West Ham on Saturday has jogged the manager's memory though.

Sascha Steinbach

As an Aston Villa fan you're certainly aware of winger Marc Albrighton. The 24-year-old was Villa's player of the month in December after having his first extended spell of good form since Gerrard Houllier managed the club. Assuming that you do remember Albrighton, you're already a step ahead of Paul Lambert who rewarded the player for his stellar December by giving him 67 minutes in the six matches Villa have played in 2014.

Albrighton, when he has been on the pitch, has been a motoric bright spot in Aston Villa's woeful midfield. His performance against West Ham this weekend was the best of any player of the home side, and it seems to have reminded Lambert that he does have a shiny toy with which he can play. The gaffer had this to say about the performance: "The times he's been on in games for me, he's done well. He gave us a lift. He took the game by the scruff of the neck."

That's good news! Maybe Lambert will start utilizing Albrighton more regularly, perhaps even in the starting role that he seems to have earned. Even more encouraging is the news that Lambert is apparently ready to open contract talks with Marc, whose current deal is set to expire this summer. Given that his run of good form is really only a recent development, now would seem the perfect time to engage the winger in talks. He is showing that he might be ready to play regularly at a Premier League level, but his recent history will keep his price down.

Albrighton is a player who is near and dear to the hearts of many Villa fans, and it would be fantastic to see him stay on at the club. It would be even better to see him get some regular playing time too. His performance on the pitch has merited it. Maybe Lambert will finally remember his forgotten winger and we'll get to see more of SuperMarc.