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Panel: Ref got it wrong in Leicester City's match with Villa

Paul Konchesky's red card for tackling Alan Hutton has been rescinded.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

During Sunday's match there were two incidents which could have seen red cards given. The first occurred when Leicester City's Jamie Vardy, a human being who I will dislike forever, tackled Ashley Westwood and took the Aston Villa midfielder out of the match. That incident, which will keep Westwood out until at least January, should have been a red but was only a yellow for some inexplicable reason.

The second occurred minutes after Alan Hutton scored what would be the match-winning goal. Paul Konchesky barreled into the Villa right back and then stood glowering over him. Hutton bounced up and pushed Konchesky away, and Konchesky responded with a shove of his own. In reality, that probably should have been a yellow for both players (though I could see red for either). The result was Konchesky getting a red while Hutton only got a yellow.

Luckily for Leicester, Konchesky will not have to serve a suspension for a straight red, as a regulatory committee have determined that he should not have been given the red. Seems pretty fair, overall, though it leaves me disappointed that they can't retroactively assign reds so that Vardy could get the punishment he deserves.

In related news: I won't shy away from saying that it's nice to see Aston Villa be the beneficiary of a refereeing mistake for once this season. Although I suppose you could argue that had Vardy been given red, it may have never come to this. Nevertheless, I won't look a gift card in the mouth.