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Watch Alan Hutton prove how terrible Leicester are with his goal

Alan Hutton scored Aston Villa's second goal of the day against Leicester. We've got the video.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Now, I've been trying to give you goal updates this year because they happen so infrequently, but I'm not sure I can keep up with this frantic pace. Two goals? Two goals in ONE match? What in the world is happening.

And better still, this one came from Alan Hutton. Yes, you read that right. Christian Benteke made an absolutely perfect 20-yard pass over the heads of a few defenders to a wide-open Alan Hutton, who took his time and cooly slotted it in. No, really, watch it:

Beautiful, right? And the fact that Alan Hutton scored is all the condemnation that Leicester need. They are a team who deserve to be in 20th.

And, for extra fun, Villa have finally scored 10 goals on the season. It's a Christmas-time miracle! Mark December 7, 2015 on your calendars as the banner day when Villa ascended to live amongst the greats. Heady times in which we live.