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Paul Lambert Press Conference

Villa boss speaks ahead of Leicester Clash.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has fielded questions from the press ahead of Sunday's home game against Leicester City FC.

Right off the bat, Lambert backed Villa's striker Christian Benteke to improve on his game, stating that there 'was a lot more to come from [Benteke]'. Exciting news, considering the impact the Belgian had against Crystal Palace, where he created and finished a marvellous chance. Speaking about the chance, Lambert called it a 'marvellous and fantastic goal. World class' also repeating that Benteke 'definitely had more to give.'

Lambert has come into a period of criticism from Aston Villa fans, in the conference he acknowledged this stating that although he doesn't like to hear the critique from the fans, he can deal with it and that  'on the whole, Aston Villa fans have been fantastic'.

On Leicester, Paul Lambert stated they 'had won the right to compete in the Premier League and it will likely be a scrappy game and it's up to them [Villa] to keep them down'.