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Delph Appeal Thrown Out

Midfielder WILL miss three games for Villa after Villa's appeal is rejected.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Fabian Delph will miss Aston Villa's next three games - against Crystal Palace, Blackpool and Leicester City as the appeal for his recent red card has been rejected by the FA.

It comes as no surprise given that Delph's tackle was quite nasty and that we have only just had a red card rescinded! The more times the FA has to accept an appeal will obviously reflect badly on the referee's that they employ, and two red cards rescinded in three games will certainly be a bad pattern.

More interestingly for Villa fans is that they may have witnessed Delph's last Villa game, the midfielder won't be available until after the 10th of January and with a few clubs itching to put in a bid for him, it's likely he will be gone by the time his ban is up.

As for the next few games, it is unlikely that Villa will miss Delph too much, Carlos Sánchez is looking good and Cleverley is steady, if not flashy. Joe Cole is also back from injury and seems the most likely to take the place of Fabian Delph.