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Aston Villa appeal Fabian Delph red card

Aston Villa have filed an appeal with the Football Association in an effort to reverse the midfielder's three-match ban.

We can tell by Fabian's face that he didn't think it was a red
We can tell by Fabian's face that he didn't think it was a red
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

After Fabian Delph became the third Aston Villa player to be sent off in four matches, manager Paul Lambert said that he thought that refereeing this season has been "unfair at times." It's hard to disagree with him, when you look at some of the recent incidents. Kieran Richardson definitely deserved to be sent off, but Gabby Agbonlahor's suspension was reversed after it was decided that his sending off was wrong.

Delph's tackle on Jordi Gomez probably didn't merit a red, but it was undoubtedly a worse challenge than the one Agbonlahor put in on Ashley Young in the match against Manchester United. Even if the suspension is repealed, there was surely an impact already felt by Villa, as they were forced to play nearly a whole half of football a man down. That will be felt when it comes to player fitness, especially in the busy holiday period. If Delph's suspension is in fact reversed, he will be in the lineup against Crystal Palace on New Year's Day. If not, it may be the last we have seen of him in a Villa shirt.

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