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Instant reaction to Villa's 1-0 loss to Swansea in Boxing Day Bore

Aston Villa lost 1-0 to Swansea in Wales today in a match that was boring for all involved.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

In Wales the rain was relentless. In Washington state it was surprisingly not so. I woke up early and watched from the latter a match in the former that did nothing to revive my brain. It was a boring match and I'm exhausted. Let's talk, eh?

Villa looked very much the better team today. They dominated possession, they completed passes, and they actually made some nice runs. But here's the problem: all of that means nothing if you can't do anything with the possession. And Villa couldn't. It was passing triangles in the midfield and attacks that came to nothing either because of a lack of support or because the goalkeeping gods smiled on Swansea today. And the result was the ever-so-predictable 1-0.

But I guess I'm not too hurt by an away loss in the driving rain in Wales. There was definite improvement here today. Yes the possession was meaningless, but our non-possession has been that way all season. So it's a step. Yes the attacks were poorly supported, but the build-up play to get to them was creative and dominant today. Yes it was a loss, but Villa are still doing perfectly fine in a year that may see 40 points be not the line for relegation, but rather the line for 12th.

There's not much to see here, so go enjoy your holiday. We do this all again in about 48 hours.