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Our Christmas gift to you: Everything you've searched for this season

As a gift to our readers this Christmas, we've compiled a number of the things that brought people to the site and helped them find what they were looking for.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

The Internet is an amazing place. You can point your browser to the ol' google dot com, plug in a few keywords, and find anything your heart desires. You can also get sent to this here website, even if that wasn't necessarily what you were looking for. So in the spirit of giving at Christmas, I've compiled a few of the best searches that sent people our way since the season has begun. To you the average reader, I'm hoping to give some joy. And to those who made these searches, perhaps I can give you what you were looking for.

سكس فديو

I'll let you do the Google translate on that one, but may I suggest for the person looking: this is the Internet. You're going to need to be a tad bit more specific.

By the way, five people found us that way. I really hope they found what they were looking for.

voice of reason in a sea of ..

A sea of what?! Oh god, oh god, the pressure. Well, let me try to give you something the voice of reason might say. Ahem.

Don't eat yellow snow.

7500 quote when you die

"Googler ____(fill in name of the deceased here)_____ had impeccable taste in football blogs, and was a stand-up individual to boot."

amazing goals gif


any good or bad news in arsenal


But to be certain, I reached out to an expert. Ted Harwood of The Short Fuse had this to say:

There you have it.

arsenal pirate

Arsenal Pirate

aston villa cheers


aston villa stunning

ERROR: Results not found

astonevilla vs newcastle

Well, the villa is a bit smaller and you'd think that it would be easier to heat. But the newcastle probably also has newwindows that are energy efficient. If you can afford it, I say go for the newcastle.

do right backs score goals

Yes. Yes they do.

euro 2016 mascott creepy

You're darn right he is:

UEFA Euro 2016 Mascot

gif gaols

If we keep putting up gifs of goals, the Premier League will put us in gif gaols!

//is yanked off stage by a cane appearing from behind the curtain

injury news on fabian delph is backache a sign of pregnancy

Oh god, is that you Fabian? Do you have a backache? ARE YOU PREGNANT? DAMMIT FABIAN!

is another great depression possible

There has literally never been a more appropriate search term to direct you to an Aston Villa site. "Yep, it's possible, and here's where you can find it!"

jokes about city managers

Q: How do most fans feel about not having Manchester City's manager?

A: They're Pellegrini with envy!

//deftly avoids reappearance of the offstage hook

keane fight with who

The real answer is some US-based fan in a hotel. But it's more fun to imagine Roy Keane picking a fight with the ghost of Keith Moon, so that's what I'm going to imagine.

roy keane in another altercation

roy keane fight with fan

roy keane pub fight

I feel like I'm sensing a pattern here.

sexy videos villa

Here you go.They pop up about once a week.

is aston villa really bad


Oh fine. Yes. Aston Villa is really bad. Sigh.

Merry Christmas, everyone!